New Music By ARTY, NK, Stereoclip, David Penn and Eelke Kleijn

It’s New Music Friday! We released a bunch of amazing records in the past few week, and we’d love to highlight several of them to supercharge your weekend. This time, we’ve got brand-new tracks (and/or remixes) from the likes of ARTY, NK, STEREOCLIP, DAVID PENN and EEKLE KLEIJN as well as some incredible songs from artists such as KPD, D.O.D, Seizo, pronouncedyea, Mondo Mondo, GOLDHOUSE, Page and more.

ARTY x NK - It Won't Stop Me

Another scorching club anthem from ARTY and NK, ‘It Won’t Stop Me’ stylishly kicks off the third volume of ARTY’s ‘From Russia With Love’. Hammering down with brooding pads, dark vocals and ferocious bass drops, this record effortlessly splits the dance floor in two whilst giving the crowd no choice but to surrender.

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Stereoclip - Sunset Drive

Perfectly reflecting the picture its title paints, ‘Sunset Drive’ stands tall as one of the most alluring records from Stereoclip’s forthcoming album. Filled to the brim with rich harmonies and subtle arpeggios that evoke a sense of sundown serenity, this track makes for an experience no dance music lover will ever forget.

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David Penn & KPD - Jerkin'

Turning to the Armada Deep label, David Penn & KPD aim their new record straight at the heart of the dance floor. With a delicious disco vibe, eruptive vocals, and magnetic grooves, this record will have passersby ‘Jerkin’’ around to join the fun and dance to their heart’s content.

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Eelke Kleijn feat. Nathan Nicholson - Taking Flight

Embroidered with the compelling vocals of Nathan Nicholson, ‘Taking Flight’ marks the fourth single from Eelke Kleijn’s forthcoming ‘Oscillations’ album. Building out of the initial shadow vibe with snappy beats and rising melodies, this record aims to soar a bit higher at every turn and take its listeners along for the ride.

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D.O.D - Cardboard Box

Fresh from signing with Armada Music, U.K. DJ and producer D.O.D delivers his special brand of dance floor antics in the form of ‘Cardboard Box’. Filled to the brim with jacking rhythms and funk-flavored grooves that fold open with every supercharged drop, this record keeps the crowd moving at maximum intensity until their legs give out.

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Seizo - Oh Baby (Youngr Bootleg)

On bootleg duty for Seizo’s ‘Oh Baby’, Youngr pushes for a deeper, edgier and nostalgia-infused counter to the original vibe. Turning the upbeat record into a genuine midnight mood setter, this shadow-side edit propels itself straight onto the dance floor to provide the ultimate nighttime experience.

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pronouncedyea x Mondo Mondo - Say

Radiant like a summer sun, pronouncedyea and Mondo Mondo’s ‘Say’ perfectly symbolizes a tidal wave of good vibes. With powerful drops and soaring tones overflowing the senses of all who hear, this is the kind of record that could break the clouds apart and let the light shine in.

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GOLDHOUSE feat. Page - Wait For Hell

Slick and suave like a summer breeze, GOLDHOUSE’s ‘Wait For Hell’ has that air of sun-kissed sentiments no dance music aficionado can ever get enough of. Pair that with the deliciously groovy bassline and Page’s graceful vocals and you know that this is the record you’d glue your finger to the repeat button for.

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