A Talk With Tensnake About His Upcoming 'L.A.' Album

We've all been slowly sliding to the edge of our seats in anticipation of Tensnake's brand-new 'L.A.' album and the big day is almost there. But as gradually move closer to the full release coming Friday, we couldn't help but want to share the talk we had with the German DJ/ producer. We discussed his inspiration for the album, how the writing process took place and pretty much all the other good stuff. Make sure to give the full interview a read below!

Earlier this month, you teased 'Antibodies', one of the tracks from your upcoming 'L.A.' album. Can you tell us a bit more about that record and how it came to life?
Believe it or not, 'Antibodies' was written and produced way before the pandemic happened. It is actually one of the few songs I did not produce during my time in L.A. When I moved back to Europe, Armada introduced me to a writing and production team from the Netherlands and they sent me the fantastic demo for 'Antibodies'. I liked it right from the start; it felt like such a great addition to the album. So this was one of the songs where we just sent files back and forth and I finished the production in my studio in Hamburg. I hope the song has the power to create lots of 'Antibodies' around the world, so we can get back to normal as soon as possible again.

For many, 'L.A.' might seem like a broad concept. Can you explain more about the meaning behind the name and how it threads through the album?

Sure. For me, this album is a musical diary from my time living in Los Angeles. I went through many different emotional stages, met many different people, and all of this is reflected in the musical diversity of the album. I understand that for some people it might be too much of diversity, but rather than just delivering what might be expected, I try to surprise myself as well as process life by writing and producing music. And just as you can’t put life in a box and label it, I feel the same about my music. So ultimately 'L.A.' describes a very personal musical chapter that I am closing by releasing this album.

How long did the album take to produce?

It is hard to nail it down exactly, but I would say probably two to three years. Way too long, I know :) But since I am writing, producing and mixing a lot of my music by myself, and the fact that I had to juggle it with constant DJ gigs throughout the years, I was not able to put it together any quicker.

What’s the biggest difference between 'L.A.' and your previous album?

I’d say it is definitely the broader musical approach. And 'L.A.' does also feel a little more grown-up to me. There are some fantastic songs on 'L.A.' that I am very proud of.

When life resumes, what would be your most ideal gig/festival to play your new album at?

I love playing festivals by the sea. So ideally, I would start playing at sunset when it is still warm, and the light is slowly disappearing. Happy faces, an intimate stage, not too big. This would be amazing and while I am typing this, I realize how much I miss playing my music for people. I can also imagine presenting the music in the form of a concert one day... ideally in a classic theatre in Los Angeles. Someday... ;)