Watching Armin van Buuren’s vlogs from previous years makes us remember the days where we could just go out and enjoy the party. To get you excited for better days to come, we gathered the pick of all Armin Vlogs. So sit back, grab a drink and daydream about everything you’re going to do once ‘staying home’ is over.

Armin VLOG #6: Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat!
Watch Armin visit Ibiza, Tel Aviv, Malta and Norway for his tour. What that was like? Eat, sleep, rave and repeat!

Armin VLOG #7: Meeting up with Max Verstappen in Austria!

Nobody, and we do mean nobody, expects the Spanish Inquisition. Not even Armin. That surprise encounter, meeting Formula 1 racer Max Verstappen and more exciting things happened that week.

Armin VLOG #9: Keep Calm – Another Festival Marathon week!

We would never guess Armin has a slight fear of flying. But nothing could spoil a week as massive as this one! Fantastic stages, amazing crowds and just an all-around sublime atmosphere throughout the week helped make this summer one of Armin’s best ones yet. Want to see proof? Watch his new vlog!

Armin VLOG #10: Glamping at Tomorrowland!

Armin stays in a colorful cabin on Tomorrowland while getting ready to give the crowd a great show. What makes it extra special is the fact that his set was broadcast to seven other parties around the globe!

Armin VLOG #11: Did I tell you about Untold?

This episode starts with a solo set on Ibiza. He then goes to Estonia, hits up Finland’s Weekend Festival and closes it off with Untold festival in Romania.

Armin VLOG #33: The Upside Down

Want to see how Armin actually DJ-ed in a DJ booth.. UPSIDE DOWN?! It’s good. We promise!

Armin VLOG #58 - Schnitzel

Armin took his good friend Jochem Myjer with him to Ibiza. Do you think he survived a week filled with party and fun? Go see for yourself.

Armin VLOG #61 - Group Hug

If only we could give group hugs nowadays, but we have to do with waving from a distance. In this episode, Armin flies off to Ibiza to do a six-hour solo set, which always needs a bit of time to prepare for. Check it out.

Armin VLOG #64 - Back To Work

After spending some quality time in France with his family, Armin is ready to get back to work again. First up: Ibiza! He also shared a little background story behind ‘Blah Blah Blah.’

Armin VLOG #104 - The Whole Family [Untold 2019]

It was Untold week, which means bringing lots of luggage, vinyl and people. Watch Armin get ready for his 8-hour set (132 tracks!) whilst doing interviews, rehearsals and some chilling in between. Watch the festival crowd go wild to his classics, new music and fine tunes.

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