Out of all the unique talents that recently broke into the scene, Brando has got to be among the most exciting ones. With a slew of new releases lined up and a sound that’s both uncomplicated and easy on the ear, the L.A.-based artist is taking charge of the moment whilst hitting you right in the heart with his work. So as far as we’re concerned, now is a great time for you to read up on all that Brando has to offer.

Who’s this cool L.A.-based artist?

Brando was a major force behind Loud Luxury’s multi-million-stream wonder ‘Body’ and has since worked with major artists such as Don Diablo, Matoma and more. ‘Body’ (over 700 million streams on Spotify alone) was just the beginning for the Californian artist, because his collaboration with none other than Don Diablo followed two years later. Their track, ‘Congratulations’, currently has over 18 million streams on Spotify and reached the Top 10 Dance airplay in the US.


Brando's first record of 2020 'Look Into My Eyes' has landed the #1 spot in the Australian Hot 100 airplay chart and the track has already reached 10 million streams on Spotify alone. It all started with the idea of flipping the ‘90s record ‘Would I Lie To You Baby’ by the U.K. duo Charles & Eddie. The end result is a range of cool vibes that dictate the groove with an innate catchiness that makes the track itself stand apart from the original.


On his latest single, Brando showcases his soulful and uncomplicated vocals. They sit gracefully atop a delicate instrumental, showing you exactly how his music can touch hearts and minds in the most extraordinary ways. The track is beautifully simple, proving to all that you don’t have to go all out with production to create something stunning.

Brando: “I hope this song makes everyone a little less lonely. I want my music to convey a sense of realism and be relatable to my fans and casual listeners. I tend to write in a more tongue-in-cheek style naturally, so my songs usually have a relatable feeling to them inherently.

What’s Next?

Brando is not about to stop spoiling the world with his music any time soon. With Armada Music on board for his upcoming releases, he’s excited for the world to discover what he’s all about. Judging by the sheer quality, catchiness and radiance of his music, we reckon you’d like to start picking up on his music right away too.

...rumor has it, something new and exciting is coming soon!

Make sure to check his latest track ‘Millenial Rhapsody’. And don't forget to follow Brando on Spotify.