We are beyond excited to welcome Joachim Pastor to Armada Music. Curious about our newest talent? Read on to get a proper introduction.

To Joachim Pastor, music isn’t about the hypes, trends or the weekly special. The French DJ, producer and Hungry Music founder has been casting aside music world mania in favor of a timeless sound since first breaking into the scene, and the upcoming release of his debut album sees the recent Armada Music signee push into a new chapter with that exact trademark.


Pastor has always been one to carve his own road rather than walk the beaten path, and that includes venturing in a new direction when the moment is right. With upcoming release ‘Sol Invictus’, Joachim Pastor is taking his timeless sound to Armada Music for the first time. The record is decked out with melancholic chords and shuffling beats that play catch with the flicking arpeggios in between, and has an everlasting feel to it. So, mark June 26 on your calendars, ‘cause that’s the day his first release with Armada Music is due.


Joachim Pastor: “I’m so happy to start this new adventure with Armada. I’ve been thinking about releasing my first album for years, and we’re preparing for that in the best possible way. A lot of surprises are coming. Can’t wait!”

Maykel Piron, CEO Armada Music: “Joachim is one of the rare breed of artists who’ve truly managed to cultivate a timeless signature sound. We’re super excited to have him on board and can’t wait to find out where this joint journey will take us.”


Joachim Pastor studied at the Versailles conservatory between the ages of 4 and 15. Near the end of his time at the conservatory, he started downloading music software with the intention of creating his own virtual band to play guitar with. That one thing led to another, and Joachim Pastor’s music has been sporting an electronic edge ever since. His music offers a sense of sophistication not easily found in today’s music world. It is designed to make listeners feel with every fiber of their being while standing proud as an expression of emotion with a danceable twist.

Joachim Pastor Sol Invictus