5 Things Afrojack Can't Live Without

You can try to deny everything, but we all have those things or items we can’t live without, you included! So we asked none other than Afrojack about it, and here's the list of five things he gave us.

1. Sunglasses
I wear prescription sunglasses, so I actually see better with them than without. They also give me a sense of privacy. They’re like my little invisibility cloak.

2. A hat

The nice thing about a hat is that you never have to do your hair. You just put it on and you’re looking sharp. ;)

3. A PlayStation

I’ve always been a gamer. Even though I’m very busy with my music, I do get into a good game from time to time. An important lesson in life is that you have to play as much as you work. It has to stay fun. :)

4. A mini wallet

In my mini wallet are a lot of credit cards and driving permits. I like to get my driver's license in different countries.

5. A headphone

Noise-canceling headphones are the best invention of all time. It completely puts me into my own zone. If you combine this with the hat and sunglasses, it's the perfect private mode!

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