4 Things ReOrder Wished He Knew Before Getting Into The Music Business

We sat down with the one and only ReOrder to talk about the highs and lows in the industry and how to overcome it. He provides a bunch of helpful tips for aspiring artists and producers. And if you're just here for the music, he shares a lot about that too. Dig in!

Let's get right into it. What things do you wish you knew before getting into the music business?

1. Stay focused and do what you love!

It is hard to believe but my journey into the depths of dance music goes back as far as 2007. I was always haunted by trance music, yet I wasn't 100% focused on the style I liked the most. Instead, I was doing music that was popular amongst my peers like hip-hop or drum 'n bass. Of course, it wasn't time wasted since it still gave me an insight into music production. But since I decided to do the music I love the most and gave it my full attention, I could finally see some amazing results and major DJ support from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Paul van Dyk.

I was finally focusing on the music I enjoy the most and the results came rushing in! Don't get sidetracked by the outer influence; you are meant to do what you enjoy and what comes from your heart.

2. Be cautious with the online trolls.

Haters, trolls, you all heard about them, right? Online, everyone is a 'pro' and knows best. Do not get discouraged after seeing a hateful comment about your track. It is your music; you made it using your inspiration and your own ideas, and you put your feelings into it. There is no single track that would be appreciated by everyone in the world. It is just how it works; we all have different tastes.

The online trolls and haters will always be there. They have nothing better to do and they just can’t do what you can, so leave them with their hate. Do not reply or start a conversation, as you will always lose.

From personal experience, I can tell you that your fans will be there to support you and they will take care of these individuals. Remember that we all start at 0 and learn as we go. This is your music, so do it the way you want to.

3. Educate yourself

For me, this one is more about "things I wish I had at my disposal" instead of things I wished I knew.

It is very important to stay on top of your game and educate yourself. There was no internet when I started out, so learning new ways of producing music, new techniques, or melody making was mostly down to trial and error. Nowadays we have the "almighty" internet and you can find the answer to almost everything you look for!

We have thousands of YouTube tutorials (though some are a bit dodgy or outdated), and there are so many online music courses or schools like FaderPro and Armada University where you can learn directly from your favorite artists. You can see how they do it and simultaneously pick up life-changing tips and tricks that can help you improve your sound and skills.

Get a direct online session with the artists you look up to if they offer such a service. When I see my students incorporating what they learned from me in their tracks and subsequently getting major DJ support or a release on a label they love, it is just heartwarming. And yes, it costs money. But trust me. The more you invest in yourself, the faster your journey to success will be!

4. Keep doing what you're doing!

Now hold on, I believe some of you heard this platitude before. I have heard this thousands of times from many pro-level producers and DJs. I thought it was some sort of nasty joke. Well, it is not and there is a huge truth to it.

Just keep working on new music, keep sending demos and, most importantly of all, do not give up. When you think about pioneers such as Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Skrillex, ARTY, Liquid Soul and many others, they did not just become superstars overnight. They worked their asses off and focused on the music they wanted to create, patiently waiting for the labels to accept their new sound and push it through to everyone. Do not get discouraged and keep doing what you're doing. You never know when you get the chance to shine!

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