Season 1: Welcome Home - Takis

“You can’t hide from where you came from, no matter how hard you try.” It’s these words that capture the essence of the seven-track debut album of Canada’s Takis. Shaped by his relatable backstory and his knack for bringing divergent artists together, ‘Season 1: Welcome Home’ serves as an introduction to Takis’ evolving story whilst simultaneously mirroring the earliest memories of countless other artists, all in a way that has listeners sliding to the edge of their seats.

Charged with the conflicting feelings surrounding his hometown, Takis’ first album chapter features high-profile collaborations with the likes of Grammy winners Ant Clemons and Allan Kingdom, as well as other fellow Canadian heavy hitters such as Shaun Frank, Goodie Grace, Jamie Fine and Always Never. Narrating the confusing love-hate relationship he has with his hometown as well as his urge to explore and his ambition to make a name for himself, this emotion-laden musical memoir managed to become everyone’s story of seeking acceptance and doing proud those you leave behind.

Putting the inner perfectionist and storyteller in full view, Takis’ ‘Season 1: Welcome Home’ is more than just a collection of lyrically inspired, well-thought-out records. It’s a place of acceptance: a lodestar for everyone wanting to become their own person against the magnetic pull and powerful nostalgia of the place they call home.

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