Stimulate - Tensnake

Few know how to put a zeitgeist into sound like German DJ and producer Tensnake. For the deluxe version of his new body of work — written and produced during and directly after the pandemic — the German artist extraordinaire tapped into the conflicting emotions to soundtrack a world in stasis. And at this intersection of past, present and future, he illustrates the power of music to connect, heal and inspire with his fourth artist album: ‘Stimulate’.

A mélange of modern disco, house and electronic pop captained by eargasmic songs such as ‘Mind Talking’, ‘Better Without You’ and collaborations with talented artists such as DRAMA, Panama, Nazzereene, Jessy Lanza, Teira, Ninetails and Kid Enigma, ‘Stimulate’ isn’t just a testament to the indomitable Tensnake style. “It's a tribute to our collective resilience,” Marco Niemerski(Tensnake) says. “

Its nostalgic undertones reflect on times gone by while its pulsing beats inspire a dance towards the future. It's a musical journey born from quiet streets and restless hearts, a vibrant echo of life even when the world stood still.”

Across its fourteen equally infectious tracks, the album draws from the globally shared experience of the pandemic, channels the nostalgia and quietude of that time, and offers listeners both a reflective space and a joyful escape. And what the people desired most during the pandemic is what this album hands on a disco-infused platter: irresistible audial stimuli that bridge the gap between the old world and the new.

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