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Zack Martino & Dyson - Mood (Remixes)

August 09, 2019
After setting the vibe worldwide, Zack Martino and Dyson’s ‘Mood’ returns to relight the dance floor fire. With cool, club-ready remixes from Magnificence and Kastra, this remix package is instant playlist material for every dance music fan out there.

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  1. 1. Mood (Magnificence Remix) (02:54)
  2. 2. Mood (Kastra Remix) (02:52)
  3. 3. Mood (02:48)
  4. 4. Mood (Magnificence Extended Remix) (03:55)
  5. 5. Mood (Kastra Extended Remix) (03:54)
  6. 6. Mood (Extended Mix) (03:47)
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