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Dennis Kruissen - Falling In Love (De Hofnar Remix)

February 14, 2017
Valentine’s is almost here, young bucks, which means time to whip that lil’ beard into shape. Enough of this peach fuzz nonsense. Enough of this clean-shaven BS. It’s time to man up and grow out the beard! Did you know that beardless people are 85% more likely to be lonely on Valentine’s Day? It’s no coincidence — women young and old see full-fledged beards as a sign of manliness and grit, and The Bearded Man is chock full of that! Don’t despair, there’s still time to grow. That’s why we’re providing this friendly public service announcement. Let the following statistics motivate you: Bearded people get paid 65% more for the same job. Bearded people buy 85% more razors and shaving cream than flat-facers. Bearded people have 100% more beards than people who don’t have beards. Shocking but true! Don’t be a loser this Valentines. Seriously. Don’t.


  1. 1. Falling In Love (De Hofnar Remix) (03:00)
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