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Paul van Dyk feat. Adam Young - Eternity

November 19, 2012
One of the many colourful highlights of Paul van Dyk’s much appraised ‘EVOLUTION’ album, is the happy-go-lucky tune of ‘Eternity’. In collaboration with the crazy talented singer/songwriter Adam Young, van Dyk gave sound to feel-good. And it sure did. Reflecting upon a successful year, Paul now invited no less than 9 producers of the full EDM spectrum, providing new interpretations of the masterpiece that is ‘Eternity’! A permanent fixture in the sets of the German pioneer, ‘Eternity’ always unlocks a vibrant wave in the crowd it meets. 9 months after it first hit in, 9 producers have their way with it. Being one of the frontrunners of an open mind-set, Paul van Dyk gave carte blanche to the talents he invited to remix. And the results are smashing. For the trance junkies amongst us, there’s the remix of UK producer Gary Proud, shooting straight to uplifting heights, or the synth-driven monster provided by Johan Malmgren. VANDIT protégé Guiseppe Ottaviani loads ‘Eternity’ with one big chunk of trance energy, whereas Paul van Dyk himself interacts with the playful, chunky sound of Alex M.O.R.P.H. on their collaborative remix. Undoubtedly the hottest Swedish duo of the moment, Qulinez beat ‘Eternity’ with an absolute festival-fit prog-house interpretation. Solid, deep prog-house with a dark touch can be found on the Riley & Durrant remix, and Austin Leeds explains the meaning of proper big-room. For the peak-time hours, the Siege remix of ‘Eternity’ lights up the room with full-on electro-house. Last but definitely not least, this package includes the brilliant breaks and dubstep sound of Brian Brainstorm & Psylocyber, giving ‘Eternity’ its final kick towards longevity.


  1. 1. Eternity (Paul van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H. Club Mix) (07:23)
  2. 2. Eternity (Gary Proud Remix) (07:06)
  3. 3. Eternity (Austin Leeds Remix) (05:28)
  4. 4. Eternity (Brian Brainstorm & Psylocyber Remix) (05:34)
  5. 5. Eternity (Giuseppe Ottaviani Re-Edit) (06:37)
  6. 6. Eternity (Johan Malmgren Remix) (07:08)
  7. 7. Eternity (Johan Malmgren Instrumental Mix) (07:07)
  8. 8. Eternity (Qulinez Remix) (05:56)
  9. 9. Eternity (Riley & Durrant Remix) (06:43)
  10. 10. Eternity (Riley & Durrant Dub Mix) (06:44)
  11. 11. Eternity (Riley & Durrant Radio Edit) (03:28)
  12. 12. Eternity (Siege Remix) (05:25)
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