The Top 10 Plugins of Mark Sixma

It's no secret that a lot of up-and-coming producers love to know what sounds, samples and plugins their favorite artists use. And since Mark Sixma just released his Serum Presets pack for Trance, Bigroom and Future Rave on Armada University, we decided to ask him about his most-used music production tools. He couldn't say no to that, and that means you can spend the next few minutes discovering Mark Sixma's Top 10 plugins!

Serum by Xfer Records
The thing I love about Xfer Records’ Serum is that it has so many possibilities in sound design and still remains easy to use. It has some excellent onboard FX too and that’s exactly why I chose this plugin to make my first soundbank with.

Vocalsynth by iZotope
As a producer, I’ve spent many hours looking for the perfect vocal sample for a track. But when I finally found a good one on Splice or in a sample pack, someone else has probably already used it. That’s why I started recording my own voice instead. With some (heavy) tweaking with this plugin, I managed to get some amazing results!

The Komplete Bundle
by Native Instruments
It’s not technically one synth, but a whole collection of excellent synths and sound libraries. In my opinion, Native Instruments’ Komplete Bundle a must-have for any producer. It also works perfectly with my Komplete Kontrol MIDI Keyboard.

Pro Q-3
by FabFilter
Surgical EQ cuts plus dynamic and sidechain EQing. Can you wish for anything else in an EQ plugin? Fabfilter has been putting out excellent plugins over the years and I use them extensively in my projects.

by Xfer Records
A simple but very useful plugin! I mostly use this for sidechaining, but the possibilities are much greater.

Sylenth1 by Lennar Digital
Sylenth1 is one of the older plugins. It doesn’t have the best onboard FX (especially the reverb), but it’s still incredibly easy to use. I’ve made most of my leads over the past years with this plugin.

ArtsAcoustic Reverb
by ArtsAcoustic
This has been my go-to reverb for a long time! It works on anything, but I personally feel it excels on lead sounds and pads.

by Spectrasonics
This one has been out for over a decade and still remains my go-to synth whenever I want to add atmosphere to my music. With such an extensive library of sounds, chances are the sound you’re looking for is in there too!

Multiband Distortion (DST)
by Matt Nash
As some of you might know, Cubase’s Quadrafuzz v1 has long been my favorite distortion plugin. Unfortunately, I can no longer use it in the new version of Cubase. That’s why I was so happy to discover this plugin. DST is an excellent multiband distortion that reminds me a lot of the old Quadrafuzz.

Ozone 9
by iZotope
This has to be my favorite mastering plugin out there. If I can’t make my track sound good with this plugin, I need to go back and fix the mix.