Watch ARTY Wreck The Stage at New York’s Webster Hall

You haven’t fully experienced ARTY’s massive sound if you haven’t yet seen him wreck a stage live, and that’s exactly what ensued on January 22. Witnessed by a crowd of 1,500 strong, the electronic music phenomenon showed New York’s Webster Hall and everyone in it who’s boss!

The iconic Webster Hall boasts a rich history as a club venue and theater, and ARTY couldn’t resist testing the strength of its foundations with his first visit in six years. Playing for a total of four hours, the Russian DJ and producer sent sparks flying with huge tracks such as ‘Craving’ and ‘This Is Anthem’ and made his return to the Webster Hall a particularly memorable occasion. The custom-made after movie greatly reflects the incredible atmosphere of the venue and ARTY’s behind-the-decks prowess as one of the industry’s true tastemakers.

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