Vintage Culture teams up with Three Drives to revamp 1997 classic 'Greece 2000'

There is magic in nostalgia, and this iconic crossover between electronic pioneers Vintage Culture and Three Drives proves it. Bridging a gap of twenty-five years of musical evolution, this contemporary reprise of ‘Greece 2000’ paints serene skies over the vibrant Balearic waves it radiates, rendering it a quintessential track for a sunset scene.

Joining forces to reimagine a ‘90s dance classic, Vintage Culture and Three Drives each brought their own quirks into the mix to produce a record that remains faithful to the original’s essence. The unmissable melody instinctively triggers fond memories of velvet horizons and salty breezes, with a dream-induced break to highlight the nostalgic nature of the track. Teased during some of Vintage Culture’s biggest global sets (including his Cercle show in São Paulo, Brazil), this classic incarnate has been tantalizing the Brazilian artist’s fanbase for months before finally seeing its release on Armada Music today.