The 10 Best Melodic House & Techno Songs Of All Time – According To Eelke Kleijn

If you’re in dire need of some quality Melodic House & Techno, you better have Eelke Kleijn on speed dial. The Dutch multi-discipline composer has been a mainstay in the electronic music space for well over a decade and knows like no other what makes a record great, illustrated by the huge demand for his live sets and productions. So when we set out to uncover ‘The 10 Best Melodic House & Techno Songs Of All Time’, we knew who to call. Please find the entire Top 10 below, courtesy of none other than Eelke Kleijn himself.

#10 Sisterhood - Tunnels (Bicep Remix)
I think this is one of the lesser known remixes from Bicep, but it's one of the best to me. I love how it takes almost 3 minutes before the bassline kicks in. And when it finally does, the club explodes every single time! This record is the perfect mix of dreamy, melancholic elements and punchy, in-your-face drums and percussion.

#9 Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Michael Gray Remix)

A fantastic take by Michael Gray on Sylvester’s classic ‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)'. It's got all the amazing elements of the original, but the vibe is better suited to my sets. You don't always have to change a lot with a remix; sometimes, you just have to appreciate how good the original is and Michael did exactly that here.

#8 Amirali - Chromatic Dreams

I'm a big Amirali fan. It's hard to pick one favorite, but this one is very high on that list. It's got everything that I love about a good record. Great melodies, a melancholic vocal, a fantastic groove and incredibly well-thought-out production.

#7 Lindstrom - The Magnificent

This is one of my favorite Lindstrom records. For starters, it has an uncommon but amazing 6/4 groove and the main riff is played on guitar. Then in the breakdown, these lovely vocals come in that have everyone singing along. It was my favorite closing track for a long time and I still play it occasionally.

#6 Todd Terje - Delorean Dynamite
This record is as close to perfection as you can get. Every single element is incredible. From the fast, disco-tinged percussion all the way down to the massive bassline and chords. And then halfway through, this guitar comes in that just tops it off. I’m literally lost for words when I try to describe how cool this track is.

#5 Trentemøller - Moan

Trentemøller has been one of my favorite producers for a long time. This was not my first introduction to him, but it was the first time I discovered one of his songs through MTV, as they were very quick with picking up this gem. It still gives me goosebumps to this day and it's often a part of my longer sets.

#4 James Newton Howard & Jennifer Lawrence - The Hanging Tree (Eelke Kleijn Bootleg)

I really wanted to include one of my own songs here, and the bootleg I did for ‘The Hanging Tree’ is one of my personal favorites from my whole career. The original is already amazing; it features the lovely vocals of Jennifer Lawrence and fantastic orchestral writing by James Newton Howard. I mostly worked with the solo vocal and the part where the whole choir comes in. It's a record that I'll continue playing until I'm old and gray!

#3 Chaim - Love Rehab (feat. Meital De Razon)

‘Love Rehab’ holds a special place in my heart. First of all, it’s an amazing song. Especially the bit where the lead comes in is so good. But it was also a favorite from a good friend of mine who passed away a few years back, and we played this at his funeral. This song has a double meaning for me ever since.

#2 Benoit & Sergio - Let Me Count The Ways
The first time I heard this song on a dance floor was years ago. I'm not 100% sure, but I think Nick Warren played it. It was love at first sight for me. The longer version at just over 9 minutes is especially beautiful; it has this part in the middle where the groove slows down a bit and you can almost hear the crowd talking over the record. Then the main lead comes back in and picks everyone up and sweeps them off their feet! Fantastic.

#1 Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp

This is the classic of classic tracks. I discovered it through Tiësto back in the days, and it's seen so many new versions and different remixes. The original is still the best if you ask me. ‘Hale Bopp’ has such an original, sequenced melody; you don't come across records like this very often. More than deserving of the first spot in my top 10.

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