A sudden flicker in the sky. Strange beaming lights at night. Weirdly shaped objects cutting through the clouds at subsonic speeds. All those occurrences beg the same question and leave many more unanswered. So… have you ever come across phenomena that have yet to be explained? Events that left you wondering what else is out there? To those who believe, to those who are not afraid to open their minds, the signs are there. You just have to listen closely, and that’s what intergalactic organization Space Corps encourages with its new campaign: ‘Gravity’, launched in collaboration with KARRA.

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Accompanied by stellar melodies and KARRA’s persuasive vocal capabilities, ‘Gravity’ is the first attempt of the government-run volunteer program at establishing contact. Already picked up by Armin van Buuren through his ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix 2019’ album, the song perfectly fits the organization’s foremost mission: exploring the beyond whilst promoting a mutual understanding between the inhabitants of the earth and those still alien to them.

If you feel the pull of ‘Gravity’ and the desire to map out every corner of outer space, it’s time for you to stand up. Join the exploration. Join Space Corps.

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