The Best Workout & Fitness Music - 100 Songs To Exercise To

Here’s the problem we all face sometimes. You’re in the local gym looking to work on your overall fitness, at home about to move some free weights around or just stepping outside for a quick run and a bit of exercise in the great outdoors. But the music you normally listen to is an immediate death sentence for even the tiniest bit of momentum, and you need that steady power beat to make the most of your workout.

You may be at a loss right now, but giving up is for rookies. And you’re no rookie, so here’s the solution: a playlist featuring the best Workout & Fitness music with one hundred songs to run and pump iron to.

Now you could always select your favorite workout tracks yourself, find out if they’ve got the right tempo (BPM) and decide whether they bang enough to make you sweat. Or… you could simply place your trust in the experts and go with the playlist we compiled for your specific workout purposes: the Work It! playlist on Spotify. It features 100 workout songs perfect to set your pace to, all designed to help you push your limits.

Here are some of our personal favorites, tracks you’re likely to find in this weekly updated playlist at all times:

- Mason – Exceeder (UMEK & Mike Vale Remix)
- Endor – Pump It Up
- Low Steppa – Running
- YAX.X - Work It
- Corderoy – Work It
- Dombresky – Down Low
- KC Lights - Girl