R Plus (Rollo Armstrong) Maintains Relationship Theme Of Upcoming Second Album With Third Album Single: ‘Hold On To Your Heart’

October 12, 2021 – The second R Plus album project, which follows on from 2019’s ‘The Last Summer’, has been shaping up quite nicely in the past few months. Building on a running theme of relationships and love affairs, the album is meant to put Rollo Armstrong’s expert songwriting skills in the limelight again. First were the unequivocal House cover of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ and the sensual and jazzy ‘Hey Lover’, and now comes the third song taken from the U.K. legend’s upcoming sophomore album under his R Plus moniker: ‘Hold On To Your Heart’.

‘Hold On To Your Heart’ is another moody masterpiece from R Plus. With warm synth stabs from ‘Queen Of Synths’ Sister Bliss, Amelia Fox’s soulful and smokey vocal and the occasional broken beat locked in a tight embrace, this record narrates a story of two best friends going their separate ways, bittersweet in both message and delivery.

Between writing and producing four of his sister Dido’s multi-million selling albums, remix and production as a duo with Sister Bliss and working with The O.T. Quartet, Rollo’s music has conquered dance floors worldwide as a founding member of Faithless. London’s Rollo Armstrong has more than earned the title of super producer. Among other things, he co-produced Felix’s global hit single ‘Don’t You Want Me’, composed the official melody for UEFA Euro 2008, has been nominated for an Academy Award and won an Ivor Novello. His productions stream over a million times a day on Spotify alone. R Plus is Rollo’s latest project. Debut album ‘The Last Summer’ was launched in 2019, and the project’s sophomore album will see its release at the beginning of 2022.

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