Sometimes it can be easy to forget that DJs are people too. Childhood photos are here to remind you all that they grew up just like the rest of us, so we decided it’s time for a good old quiz! Can you recognize which artist is who? We created an at-home quiz with the childhood pictures of today’s biggest DJs.

Can you guess who the little man on the left is? Hint: he's really up-and-coming!

Hint: he attended music school from 8 - 14. He now lives in L.A. and he's got some cool releases coming soon!

This one is part of a very impressive DJ duo. His name starts with an A and he has collaborated with one of the previous artists.

This American DJ sure had a cool hairdo. He was nominated for a Grammy Award and has racked up hundreds of millions of streams, and charted multiple Billboard, Beatport, and US Dance Radio #1s.

Some artists are just born with it. This kid formed a bond with Dutch label Armada Music early in his career. His first release on the imprint was ‘Red Woods’, a track put out in 2006 under a DJ alias. You know who he is, don't you?