New Music By Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, Chicane & Lyke

It’s New Music Friday! We released a bunch of amazing records in the past few week, and we’d love to highlight several of them to supercharge your weekend. This time, we’ve got brand-new tracks (and/or remixes) from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Duncan Laurence, Cosmic Gate, Lyke as well as some incredible songs from artists such as Chicane, Joseph Aqilina, Damon Sharpe, Josh Cumbee, Scooter, Tom Gregory, Fox Control and more.

Armin van Buuren feat. Duncan Laurence - Feel Something

Emerging with another super-infectious single, Armin van Buuren teams up with Eurovision Song Contest 2019 sensation Duncan Laurence for a record that ticks the boxes of every dance music lover out there. Reflecting on the pain of heartbreak on a backdrop of gritty beats and touches of synth pop, ‘Feel Something’ is bound to resonate strongly with all who listen.

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Andrew Rayel & Olivia Sebastianelli - Everything Everything (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Crossing over into the melodic techno space whilst keeping the trance vibe alive, electronic music legends Cosmic Gate opt for a hybrid floor-thriller on remix duty for Andrew Rayel and Sebastiana Olivianelli. With fluttering synths, deep vibes, surging drops and mystic vocals that keep piling on the suspense, this highly anthemic remix of ‘Everything Everything’ is sure to thrill crowds from both realms.

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Chicane feat. Joseph Aquilina - Everything We Had To Leave Behind

Leading with the title track of the forthcoming Chicane album, ‘Everything We Had to Leave Behind’ sees the collaborative return of Maltese singer, Joseph Aquilina, (Goldfish - Thousand Mile Stare 2012), who brings an ethereal vocal, one of calm and mystery, something to soothe the madness of these times.
‘I guess there are two ways to go for an artist today, either ignore the situation of try to take it onboard and create a musical panacea as it’s not just our bodies but our minds that need to deal with it all, music can do this’ -Nick Bracegirdle.

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Lyke - AROSE

Blossoming into a world of color in a matter of seconds, Lyke’s debut record on Armada Electronic Elements is as delicate as it is strong and alluring. From the petaled bass steps to the melodic touches that soar along the beat-driven stem, ‘AROSE’ perfectly reflects on the better moments of life.

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Damon Sharpe and Josh Cumbee - Lost Years

Combine the skill sets of two of the most exciting artists of the moment and ‘Lost Years’ is what you get. A super-catchy, summeresque link-up between Grammy-winning DJ, producer, recording artist and songwriter Damon Sharpe and Californian counterpart Josh Cumbee, this highly uplifting record is the perfect way to make up for the time you don’t get to spend on dance floors right now.

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Scooter - FCK 2020 (Extended Mix)

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Tom Gregory - What Love Is (EDX's Acapulco At Night Remix)

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Fox Control - Blues and Green

Fox Control has never been one to color inside the lines. With every sonic picture he paints, the Australian studio magician and multi-instrumentalist shatters the conventional to shape something new out of the fragments. He purposefully seeks out the limitless of musical potential with every step he takes, and all of that is coming to fruition in his first-ever album: ‘Blues And Green’.

Drawing on influences from the likes of Nightmares On Wax, St. Germain and even John Lee Hooker, the album sees its creator rewire the Chill genre through a truckload of preposterously appealing tracks. From title track ‘Blues And Green’ to the scary background story of the Australian bushfires in ‘Fire Bird’ to the magnificent tribute song ‘Conditions Are Right’ in honor of good friend and bandmate Mark ‘Merewether Fats’ Salter, this seventeen-piece album explores the uncharted areas of the genre whilst mixing in the sheer soulfulness, impeccable blues vibe and earthly atmosphere you only get with a Fox Control record.

Go ahead and combine the greens and the blue with all other colors on Fox Control’s palette. Who knows what kinds of sonic wonder it’ll bring to light.

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