Audien hits Armada Music with incredible, silver-lined vocal piece: 'Way Back Home' (feat. Jordan Grace)

Audien has long been a forerunner of the global progressive house movement, and his third single of 2022 sees him cement his reputation even further. ‘Way Back Home’ (feat. Jordan Grace) is a silver-lined record that resonates with anyone who’s been stuck in a dark place.

A tribute to the person who’s been a tower of strength, Audien’s latest on Armada Music is goosebump-inducing from the first guitar strum. Alternating between warm chords, Jordan Grace’s soaring vocals and full-on progressive house euphoria, ‘Way Back Home’ can be any listener’s way out of the dark and back into the light.

“‘Way Back Home’ is, to me, about getting in touch with myself”,
Audien explains. “I had an incredible summer on the road, but that also meant I didn’t get to spend much time at home or with the people who are dear to me. This song encapsulates the long nights on the road and the loneliness you can feel, but also that you’re never truly alone and that there’s always a guiding light to follow.”