Armada Music Launch Podcast Series On All Things Music Industry: ‘Behind The Beats’

November 02, 2021 – In this age of streaming and digitalization, finding new music has never been easier. But when it comes to gaining invaluable knowledge about the hows and whys of the music industry from its main figures, the search seems a lot more needle-in-a-haystack-like. Knowing where to look suddenly becomes imperative, and that was all the reason Armada Music needed to launch its own podcast series and accommodate the industry’s most inspiring and worthwhile stories: Behind The Beats.

Deep-diving into the memoirs of an array of industry people, Behind The Beats has its guests providing answers to a range of questions such as why they ventured into the world of music, what their place in the music industry is and how they managed to gain their share of success. Ranging from music label executives to singer-songwriters to DJs, producers and even sample pack creators, all speakers contribute to what can only be described as an ever-expanding treasure trove of resources and information that could prove invaluable to any music industry enthusiast.

Maykel Piron, CEO Armada Music
: “So many people in this industry have powerful stories to share about their first steps in music, their breakthroughs and/or the challenges they encountered. Having heard a lot of them myself, I can safely say that there are many great things to take away from them, especially for people hoping to earn their place in – and make their mark on – this industry themselves. Behind The Beats is about giving these stories the audience they deserve and inspiring the people that want and need to hear them.”

Hosted by Armada Music’s very own Harry Fowler and Reju Sharma, new episodes of Behind The Beats will be uploaded to Spotify and all other DSP's, starting today.

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