Armada Introduces: Takis

Our influx of new talent is still going strong, which means another member of the family is ready to make his acquaintance. Please give a warm welcome to none other than Takis, and don’t forget to read on for the full story.

If you love unlikely collaborations and storytelling, Takis should hold a top spot on your artist shortlist. Born and raised in Winnipeg, the Canadian creator loves bringing together artists who differ stylistically to produce relatable, emotion-driven music, which is exactly what he did with ‘Wait For Me’, his recent, all-Canadian match-up with Goody Grace and Tory Lanez.


His first of many amazing singles to be released on Armada Music, ‘Wait For Me’ speaks of love out of sight and the hope of reconnecting whilst immediately putting itself in contention for becoming the ultimate song of the summer. With heartfelt lyrics, velveteen vocals and an effervescent, sun-kissed instrumental dictating the vibe, this super-infectious collab between Takis, Goody Grace and Tory Lanez is the perfect soundtrack for the one that almost got away.

‘Wait For Me’ is also the first track of Takis’ ‘Welcome Home’ project, and you can pre-save the track on Spotify ahead of song’s official release on July 17 by pressing the button below.



Takis’ relatable backstory, charged with conflicting feelings surrounding his hometown, threads through every aspect of his upcoming ‘Welcome Home’ project, a lodestar for aspiring creators dealing with similar, oftentimes discouraging conditions.

“The day I started making music, I had a confusing love-hate relationship with my hometown that I couldn’t seem to shake. It wasn’t just the powerful nostalgia of past relationships or the magnetic pull to never leave and stay in comfort, but also my urge to explore, my ambition to make a name for myself and my obsession to make my hometown proud."

Putting the inner perfectionist and storyteller in full view, Takis’ ‘Welcome Home’ project is more than just a collection of lyrically inspired, well-thought-out records. It’s a place of acceptance.