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Dash Berlin - United Destination 2010

March 22, 2010
As the lights fade and the volume rises, the dance scene awakes. They gather in big groups to share their belief, no matter what nationality or ethnicity. They’re all here for the same reason. Music is the unifying factor, an unspoken language common to all. Dash Berlin welcomes you to the nocturnal society. Dash Berlin:”We are all connected by sound. The place where we celebrate tonight, is our United Destination.” The Dash Berlin sound has reached deep into the heart of the dance scene and far across the EDM places of this world. It all started three years ago, when first single ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’ turned the heads and popped the ears. Today, front man Jeffrey Suttorius is the proud owner of Aropa Records and looks back to a slew of chart-scorching releases, such as ‘Man On The Run’ and ‘Waiting’. Both tracks are nominated for this year’s International Dance Music Awards and can be found on the Dash Berlin debut artist album ‘The New Daylight’. Following in 2010, we find the first Dash Berlin mix-compilation, ‘United Destination 2010’. Dash Berlin mixed and compiled ‘United Destination 2010’ with the thought in mind that every single member of the dance society shares one particular passion. It’s that feeling of togetherness, of being one, that shaped this album. Driven by the sound, we all go to the one place where it’s all about the music: the United Destination. With the true Dash Berlin sound as their guide, listeners will be taken in at the very moment they press play. Exclusive tracks, new remixes and a diverse sound will take them on a journey to one and the same destination: ‘United Destination 2010’.


  1. 0. Dash Berlin - United Destination 2010 (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Disc 1) (76:51)
  2. 0. Dash Berlin - United Destination 2010 (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Disc 2) (76:41)
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