In The Air Tonight - ReUnited x Mashti x Deep Dive Corp.

Fox Control has never been one to color inside the lines. With every sonic picture he paints, the Australian studio magician and multi-instrumentalist shatters the conventional to shape something new out of the fragments. He purposefully seeks out the limitless of musical potential with every step he takes, and all of that is coming to fruition in his first-ever album: ‘Blues And Green’.

Drawing on influences from the likes of Nightmares On Wax, St. Germain and even John Lee Hooker, the album sees its creator rewire the Chill genre through a truckload of preposterously appealing tracks. From title track ‘Blues And Green’ to the scary background story of the Australian bushfires in ‘Fire Bird’ to the magnificent tribute song ‘Conditions Are Right’ in honor of good friend and bandmate Mark ‘Merewether Fats’ Salter, this seventeen-piece album explores the uncharted areas of the genre whilst mixing in the sheer soulfulness, impeccable blues vibe and earthly atmosphere you only get with a Fox Control record.

Go ahead and combine the greens and the blue with all other colors on Fox Control’s palette. Who knows what kinds of sonic wonder it’ll bring to light.

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