WeDisappear - R Plus

Anticipated by the global dance music community since the release of the first album (2019’s ‘The Last Summer’ with Dido), R Plus’ sophomore album ‘WeDisappear’ perfectly captures the various stages of a relationship that grows, unfolds and regrettably withers in the end. From infatuation and passion to disillusionment, freedom and bittersweet reminiscence, the eleven-track album touches on love’s most resounding emotions, carefully and expertly narrated by emerging vocal talent Amelia Fox.

Sticking to Rollo Armstrong’s motto of “music with feeling, words with meaning”, ‘WeDisappear’ is a body of work of poignant reflection, of autumnal soundscapes and unemboldened lyrics that speak from the heart and to the soul. Helmed by singles such as ‘Hey Lover’, ‘Hold On To Your Heart’, ‘The Girl Is Gone’ and ‘U Disappear’, the sophomore album is electronic and funky, a little yearning, at times uplifting and hopefully moving. It’s nostalgic for the listeners who were there for the first album and otherworldly for those who weren’t. But most of all, it’s an R Plus piece that resonates, heartens, touches and upholds the incredible standard of musical quality that has been the common thread in all of Rollo's work since he dipped his toes into the musical waters so many years ago.

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