Memories - Youngr

Ever since he started writing and performing music as an eleven-year-old, Youngr has been taking all the right steps. He has polished his craft to perfection, entertained crowds both big and small with his exhilarating live performances and dropped single after single to tell his story. But what happens when there's too much to say to fit into a three-minute pop song? What happens when those short musical outbursts barely scratch the surface? Youngr's answer to that question is his first-ever album: 'Memories'.

A collection of songs shaped by a reflective state of mind during the writing process, 'Memories' is a ten-track journey through Youngr's life experiences. Capturing the essence of both the clear blue skies and the potholes in the road, the songs of the album not only narrate the ups and downs of the past few years, but also paint the picture of where Youngr is right now on a musical, lyrical and emotional level.

This album is a gateway between bygone days and new musical avenues where the former inspires the exploration of the latter. Combine that with Youngr's knack for creating timeless, soul-soothing and infectious songs and you know this body of work will help listeners forge some amazing 'Memories' of their own.