Love Therapy - Nico de Andrea

For many people, music is an important emotional outlet. It can amplify the happiness you feel when you’re at the crest of the wave or numb the pain when it’s all falling apart and everything hurts. So too for Nico de Andrea. When life threw him a set of curveballs, he took to the studio to grieve and counter the sadness. The result is his phenomenal debut album: ‘Love Therapy’.

Inspired by his personal experiences with impossible love, conflict and separation, the first album of the French artist extraordinaire is a sonic melting pot of melodic pop, afro house and melancholic undertones channeled through the piano, an instrument Nico has honed since childhood. From the fragility of ‘One Last Call’ to the darkness of ‘Start The Fire’ to finally finding confidence and peace of mind with ‘Dreamin' 514’ and ‘Million Times’, the album presents themes of nostalgia, longing, passion and hope that permeate its twelve tracks.

Fundamentally, ‘Love Therapy’ consists of meaningful songs wrapped in danceable afro house rhythms. But beneath the surface, this album shows how music can alleviate the otherwise unbearable pain and help find the light that guides a lost soul home.

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