Circle Line - Clément Leroux

The long-anticipated debut album of French producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Clément Leroux, ‘Circle Line’ narrates the first steps of its creator as a young adult in the city of London. Drawing on themes of love, breaking up and the healing thereafter, the 14-track album maps out the figurative crossroads of dealing with real independence for the first time and shows how all of these new experiences can light a fire within.

Riveting from the introductory ‘Hi, I’m Clem’ to the effervescent ‘My Go-To’ and the climactic ‘Fireworks’, this album is much more than a simple nudge to days gone by. It interlocks the social, cultural and musical impressions that inspired Clément and shaped the colorful trademark sound that so seamlessly threads through this album.Drawing from the old to begin something new, this collection of songs is a ‘Circle Line’ in itself, closing a chapter to begin another. And if this first set of pages is anything to go by, both Clément Leroux and his fans are in for quite a ride.

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