Live Masterclass Event with Maxim Lany

- Armada University x Ableton x Other Echo

Producing music doesn’t have to be rocket science and the result doesn’t have to be perfect either. While a lot of producers focus (too) heavily on making sounds as clean as possible, the truth is that imperfection could be all your record needs. And who better to hit that notion home than Belgian DJ/producer Maxim Lany throughout a live, interactive masterclass event with Armada University, Ableton and Other Echo at the Armada Music HQ in Amsterdam.

A household name in melodic house and techno and the man behind the 2019 club hit ‘Renaissance’, Maxim Lany will run through his own projects and workflow to share his own experiences as a professional producer along with insightful anecdotes that encourage you to think differently about music production. He’ll tell you about the value of collaborating with other artists, explains why unpolished sounds can be the best elements of a record and shares a variety of proven tips and tricks that will help you grow further as a music producer.

This live and free-to-join masterclass event also includes a professional Ableton Live workshop and the chance to pitch your demo. During the former, Ableton Certified Trainer and product specialist Jean-Paul Grobben will help you get a deeper understanding of the software as well as answer your questions. At the end of the masterclass, Maxim Lany will discuss and give feedback on five demos, which need to be sent in before the start of the masterclass event.

The program

7.00 p.m.: An Ableton Live workshop by product specialist Jean-Paul Grobben.
8.15 p.m.: A live, interactive masterclass with Maxim Lany.
9.15 p.m.: A Q&A and demo drop with Maxim Lany and Armada Music A&Rs.

You can no longer RSVP for the event, but we will host a livestream for those who weren't able to join us in person. Hit the below button to watch the livestream from 7 p.m. (CEST).