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Pretty Pink

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Born and raised in the deep and dark woods of the Harz in Germany, a charming pink lady made her way through the raging international club scene to manifest her beliefs in the very finest tunes of Nu Disco, Deep and the most unique, secret selection of House Music. Her shows quickly turned her into a rising pink star on the horizon of sound, and she soon grew into a fairly well-known artist within Germany.

She wouldn’t admit it, but her edit of Daft Punk's – 'Get Lucky' truly turned into an underground hit and was spun by famous DJs around the world. Even tough she revealed: "hits and plays are not an indicator of success to me", she has an uncanny knack for incorporating the best elements of different worlds, and she has truly remained down to earth throughout her career." My background in design studies helped me get my style pointed in the right direction."

Soon after, she began making a string of solid records that quickly caught fire and started going viral. Pretty Pink embodies tasteful sound with a twist of madness, and she has the special ability of being able to lift crowds and parties to a whole a new level. Combining musicality with years of a professional jet-set mentality, this multi-talented workaholic is a wizard in the studio and a master behind the decks.

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