Armada University

The Acapella Challenge

Want to work with a standout vocal and potentially earn yourself an official remix release on Armada Music? Our A&R team is always looking for great remixes of tunes that have previously been released on the label, so we’re giving you the chance to work with some of our best acapellas. Your job is to build an awesome track around those vocals, and here’s how the Acapella Challenge works:

Step 1: Select an acapella you like from this list:
Step 2: Grab the vocal stems from Beatport, fire up your DAW and go nuts in remixing mode.
Step 3:
Submit your remix via the opportunity page on LabelRadar.
Step 4:
The A&R team will listen to your submission. If they like what they hear, they'll start up a conversation with you!

This contest will be available forever, which means that you do not have to submit your remix before a certain date. We will also periodically update the list with more amazing acapellas, so be sure to check back every now and then for more great vocals to work with. You can build tracks around as many acapellas as you like.

The following acapella albums are currently available:
Armada Acapellas, Vol. 1 - The Bearded Man
Five iconic acapellas taken from The Bearded Man releases with over ten million streams on Spotify.

Armada Acapellas, Vol. 2 - Low Steppa
The vocal essentials of five signature tracks from Beatport Top 10-selling House producer Low Steppa.

Armada Acapellas, Vol. 3 - Club Weapons
Containing five acapellas of floor-filling club hits that make you want to dance.

Armada Acapellas, Vol. 4 - Trance Essentials
The perfect acapellas for dreamy, uplifting and high-quality Vocal Trance.

Please note that the acapellas you purchase on Beatport are for personal use only. Armada Music hereby grants you an additional right to create a derivative work solely for the purpose of this contest. Due to copyright matters, Armada Music cannot give you permission to upload a track that contains the acapellas to a portal (e.g. Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud etc.).

Pick an acapella Drop your remix here!