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Win prizes by subscribing to Armin's YouTube!

December 10, 2010
Good news for the video lovers!

Video lovers, be sure to make your way over to the special MyYouTube page. Not only will you find an easy way to subscribe to Armin van Buuren's YouTube page, you'll also find ways of earning credits: telling your friends, subscribing to recommended YouTube channels and spreading the news on one of your social media accounts. With these credits, 5 US YouTube users are in the running for a special prize. Armin's signed 'Mirage' album, 2 Armin compilations and a t-shirt.

 But there's also good news for the video freaks outside the US. Armada Music also likes to treat their non-US viewers to a little present. If you subscribe now, you're in the running for one of the 5 Armin album packages! So be sure to subscribe and spread the word! Go to now!

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