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Win a Meet & Greet with Armin in Kiev!

October 20, 2010
if you want to experience Armin's worldtour edition of Armin Only 2010: Mirage, December 4th in Kiev, read this!

KLM and Armin van Buuren decided to organize something special. A 3 day trip to Kiev for 2 persons, including flights, stay at the Hyatt Regency Kiev hotel, a Samsung PL100 camera, free car rental, travel insurance and of course: a meet and greet with Armin himself during the Armin Only event! It doesn't get better than this. The good thing is: everyone over 18 is allowed to participate!

So if you want to experience one of Armin's worldtour editions of Armin Only 2010: Mirage, December 4th in Kiev, rush to the website and participate now!

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