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W&W receive certified gold for 'Bigfoot' in the Netherlands.

July 02, 2015

Today was a terrific day for the young and creative minds behind Dutch super duo W&W. As they visited the studio of Dutch radio station SLAM FM to arrange for the hosts of radio show 'Bij Igmar' to join them on a weekend tour, they were surprised themselves.

As heard live on the radio channel, W&W received certified platinum for their hit single 'Bigfoot', released in February last year. The single sold over 25.000 copies and the achievement left them speechless. At last, they found their voice and were able to express their gratitude and joy.

W&W: “This is something we really didn't expect, but our first golden record in the Netherlands is finally here. Now that we've got a taste of what it feels like, we'll be shooting for certified platinum with our brand new single 'The One'!

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