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W&W - Mainstage voted 'HOT' at Radio 538

February 10, 2010
Victory at last! The W&W virus has finally reached Dutch radio.

Victory at last. The repeat button was our best friend when we heard the previous single of the dynamic W&W duo, 'Mainstage'. The track travelled the globe in every respectable DJ's bag, rocked the crowd from shizzling hot Ibiza to the cold surroundings of downtown New York and gave the young star-status of Willem van Hanegem and Wardt van der Harst quite a boost.

The W&W virus has finally reached Dutch radio as well. Last night, the major dance radio station of The Netherlands, Radio 538, voted 'Mainstage' HOT! Good news for W&W, but even better news for all listeners, who now get to enjoy this stunning peak time trancer on the radio.

For more info, check the Radio 538 website!

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