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Video shoot for 'Healesville Sanctuary' during Armada Night

January 28, 2010
Upcoming Saturday, you better dress to impress, cause we're recording the music video for 'Roger Shah & Signum - Healesville Sanctuary'!

Upcoming Saturday, you better dress to impress. Whether you cover yourself in glow sticks, blind us with your glitter-top or just stick to a sexy Armada shirt, you've got to stand out. If you want to be in the official music video of Roger Shah & Signum's 'Healesville Sanctuary', that is!

During Armada Night in the Amsterdam Westerunie, Dancefoundation will shoot the video for this stunning trancer. Both Signum and Roger Shah will tease the crowd with some fine trance beats, so you can bet your'll be dancing in that music video!

The last few tickets for Armada Night are available on Alda Be there!

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