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Universal Religion 4 iPhone App

December 11, 2009
Inseparable from your iPhone and a sucker for good music? We've got the perfect combination for you.

Inseparable from your iPhone and a sucker for good trance music? We've got the perfect combination for you, only a download away! Armin van Buuren presents the release of the complete 'Universal Religion Chapter 4' as an iPhone app. The app for the fourth chapter of this beloved album series contains a special player and all tracks of the album, for a considerably lower price than a regular download on iTunes.

Less than a month ago, Armin van Buuren was the first to release a complete DVD as an iPhone or iPod Touch app. This time, it's a complete album. The 'Universal Religion' series has been going strong since the first edition in 2004 and comes straight from the epicenter of dance in summer: Club Amnesia in Ibiza. 'Universal Religion Chapter 4' is a live recording of one of Armin's parties there, filled with exclusive tracks and remixes and displaying the unique ambience of a night out on party island Ibiza.

For the small price of € 4.99/ $ 5.99, IceMobile and Armin provide you the perfect way to enjoy 'Universal Religion Chapter 4' on your iPhone!

Download the 'Universal Religion Chapter 4' application now from the App Store.

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