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United Destination 2010 - the best of Dutch DJ's

August 27, 2010
iTunes now offers the compilation for only €4,99!

The best Dutch Dance DJ’s

The absolute winners. Top of the bill. The leaders of the scene. We’re talking about the Dutch DJ’s of the dance society here. For years have the Netherlanders been on the absolute top when it comes to beats, melodies and well..whatever musical element needed to blow your mind.

iTunes has ever kept this fact in mind, and now presents a special selection of the best albums and compilations of the Dutch DJ and producer elite. To be sure the Dutchies keep their patriotic heart pounding to the beat, they now offer the selection for a special price. Rocking it the best, we find Dash Berlin on the lead.

United Destination 2010

He’s headed for only one direction. And that’s to the top. The label owner of Aropa Records and guy that is able to make ten-thousands of clubbers move to his mix of emotive trance with a bite, has climbed up fast and grows bigger every month. Dash Berlin is a name that’s resounded all across the dance scene, and will surely be heard for many years to come. His first compilation album, ‘United Destinations 2010’, received a very warm welcome. A blazing mix, with the best in trance, progressive and everything in between, featuring tracks by Andy Duguid, Ferry Tayle, Luke Terry, Paul Webster, Mike Shiver, DNS Project and of course Dash Berlin himself.

For the special Dutchies sale on iTunes, they now offer you ‘United Destinations 2010’ for only €4,99. Download on iTunes now!

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