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tyDi: “This is only the beginning of things.”

August 19, 2011
For the past two years, Australian producer Tyson Illingworth has given his all. All of his creativity, hopes, emotions and skills have been put into 18 gems, coming together in dream-project ‘Shooting Stars’. And you bet, they’re shining bright.

For the past two years, Australian producer Tyson Illingworth has given his all. All of his creativity, hopes, emotions and skills have been put into 18 gems, coming together in dream-project ‘Shooting Stars’. And you bet, they’re shining bright. We hooked up with the 24-year old talent, to ask him about the journey towards it, the value of challenges and present & future. His statement is clear. tyDi:”This is only the beginning of things.”

Hi there Tyson! First of all, congrats on the release of your artist album, ‘Shooting Stars’! You probably feel  on top of the world now?
Tyson:”Thanks so much! Absolutely, I swear I'm the happiest guy alive right now... This album was something I had to keep top secret for a very long time and it's just so rewarding to finally see all this new music out there now."

In its first weekend, it rocked the iTunes Dance Chart in Australia and Finland at #1, and the Top 5 of the US and Canada. The feedback is very, very positive! Is everything you’ve worked so hard for coming together now?
Tyson:”Everything all seems to be happening now, the album is getting an overwhelmingly good response from all over the world and I'm super excited to see it rocking the iTunes dance charts in not just Australia, but also USA and all over the world! There's even more to come, I'll be launching my new music videos for World's Apart and Acting Crazy over the next weeks along with some incredible remixes so I'm sure this is only the beginning of things.”

You released your debut album ‘Look Closer’ 2 years ago. Did it in any way help you in the process of producing the next one, or did it only create new challenges for you?
Tyson:”If anything, ‘Look Closer’ taught me a lot about the process of making an album, and just how different it is to making 15 individual songs. Shooting Stars was a new concept for me and a new shift in my style. I treated it like one whole cohesive piece, where each song tells its own story and adds up to create a full listening experience from the start of the album to the end. Unlike my first album, I kept nearly every song on Shooting Stars hidden until the very last minute.. I didn't want people hearing any of the songs until a few days before the release"

How does ‘Shooting Stars’ reflect your growth as a producer?
Tyson: “I feel that this new album really shows off my songwriting as well as production this time. The songs have more of a hard hitting structure and focus a lot on strong lyrics and melodies. Most of the songs are shorter than usual club mixes, they are not designed for the clubs. I made this album to suit everybody, even people who don't listen to electronic dance music. For ‘Shooting Stars’ I really wanted to go crazy on the musicality, each song had to be powerful... as always I went nuts on the production too; there's a lot of attention to detail where I think listeners will hear new elements each time they play the album."

Some of the listeners will be surprised by the diversity of the album, as it moves from break-beats to progressive and trance to classical and chill-out. Has it always been your intention not to stick to one style?
Tyson:”It's not really a conscious decision, I'm just a multi-genre kinda guy. Anyone who's seen me play a DJ-set live will know that I don't just stick to one style, you might here house, progressive, techno and trance all in one of my performances. I just love music, genres are not really something I care about... So naturally my album was going to be diverse, because I wanted each song to be unique in its own way. One thing each song has in common is lots of melody,  that's something about my musical taste that has never changed."

There’s one track in particular that stands out, the piano theme of ‘Her Lullaby’. What’s the story behind that one?
Tyson:”I wrote it for a girl I used to be with, it was something I played late at night on the piano. It's a very simple piece, just a short lullaby. There's something quite dark and haunting about it too. One thing that makes it different from every other song on the album is that it has a time-signature change. The first half of Her Lullaby is in 4/4, then the second half changes to 3/4 which makes it slightly more hypnotic."

You’ve collaborated with the likes of Sarah Howells, Audrey Gallagher, Meighan Nealon, Tania Zygar, Jennifer Rene and producers Tenishia, DJ Rap and Protoculture. Why these artists?
Tyson:”Because I love their work! Why else? Shooting Stars is my dream album... and it wouldn't be complete without the guest appearances of my favorite vocalists! I've known Audrey for ages, she's very special to me and an incredible artist. Sarah is someone I've always wanted to work with, so there was no way I'd ever put the album out without her on it! Tania and I make a killer combo. Also Brianna, Meghian, DJ Rap and Brianna all have something special about their voice that really gets to me. Tenishia are two producer / DJ's from Malta who are very cool, they are great producers and very genuine guys – it's hard to meet people in this industry who don't have an ego the size of a battle ship... Tenishia are down to earth and extremely talented. Protoculture is a weapon in the studio! This guy has a very unique sound, it was so cool to have a song that mixed our styles so well."

Now, on to the dj’ing part of your career. Will there be a Shooting Stars tour and if so, where can people catch you playing?
Tyson:”Yep! There's a Shooting Stars World tour starting very soon! It'll go everywhere, all over USA, Asia, Canada and places like Guatemala, Singapore, India, London and of course Europe. The full list of tour dates will be rolling out in the next months! Keep your eyes on "

Any other exciting stuff coming up in the next few months that we should know about?
Tyson:”Well now that the album is out, it's time to bring out the club mixes! I've been making some really cool remixes of the songs that are more suitable for festivals and clubs, also there's a lot of big producers working on remixes too.. so you'll hear these soon! Plenty of new music videos too!"

Now, on to the final question: what’s the reason people should check out your album?
Tyson:”Because it took me two years to make and it'll only take you one hour to listen to! So I think it's a fair deal ;) Haha.. Hope you like it!"

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