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tyDi never stops creating

January 23, 2012

No rest for the creative. Australian DJ/producer Tyson Illingworth carries an adventurous mind, one that brought him as far as his successful second artist album, flying from gig to gig and gaining the support of ten-thousands of dance lovers. But there’s much more to come from the inspiring artist that is tyDi. Five months after the ’Shooting Stars’ album, he’s already 5 tracks into a new album. First though, it’s time for his DJ Rap collab ‘Talking To Myself’ to find its way to the globe’s highlight moments on the dance floor. We hooked up with the sound explorer, celebrating his Artist of the Week status.

Hi there Tyson! We know we’re rather late but it’s still ok to wish you a happy new year, right? Happy new year! How did you call in 2012?
tyDi:”It's never too late! Thank you :) I spent my last night of 2011 in California where I played a show to 10,000 party animals, it was an incredible night!”

It seems that you’re playing in the US more often than rocking your home country. Has the US found their new favourite DJ?
tyDi:”I've certainly found my new favorite place to perform.. the USA is blowing up right now, the parties are massive, the people are excited and dance music couldn't be any bigger over here. In the USA dance music is fresh and there's so much enthusiasm from the clubbers. I spend two weeks of every month in USA now, it's the place to be for electronic music.”

It also looks like you’re having a bit of fun there yourself. From visiting Disney Land for the 8th time to jumping off the 108th floor of the Las Vegas Stratosphere. It seems that you’re just as much of a tourist as you are a DJ rushing from airport to airport. You really do try to enjoy each minute, right?
tyDi:”Absolutely! Life is short and I'd never waste a second of it. I like my life to be action packed, I'm not the kind of person who's satisfied drinking a tea and watching TV. I need thrills and adventure! Theme parks, roller coasters and jumping off buildings are always on the top of my list when I get to new cities. I spend so much time touring so there's a lot of opportunity to try out crazy new things.”

One of the highlights in your career has been the release of ‘Shooting Stars’, your second artist album. Now that we’re a few months behind its release, how do you reflect to it?
tyDi:”I'm extremely happy with how Shooting Stars has been received around the planet, I was especially excited to see it charting on iTunes everywhere, it made #1 in a lot of different countries and did really well in the US. I really put everything I could into Shooting Stars and listening back there's nothing I'd want to change about it. I think my fans enjoyed the change in my style too, it was time for something new and modern. Hopefully the album still grows over the next year; we've got a lot of music videos and remixes still to come.”

Knowing the restless artist inside you, you’re probably working on a third album already. Correct?
tyDi:”Yep... I'm about 5 tracks into a new album! I've got brand new songs with Sarah Howells, Khaz, BT and some stuff that's really different. I'm hoping to step things up another level in 2012.

In 2011, you also launched your official and very own fashion clothing line. Bumped into many tyDi fashion victims yet?
tyDi:”Haha yes the victims are everywhere, especially in the USA and Australia, I've noticed a heap of girls and guys at my shows wearing the new label. It seemed a bit strange for me to do a fashion label at first, and it's nothing I'd ever planned on. It all started with an Australian fashion designer sponsoring me clothes to wear on stage for three years, then fans started asking me where they can buy it from.. tyDi Fashion came from that, to make something a step above boring DJ merchandise with a big fat logo on the front. I don't need my fans to be walking advertisements, it's proper fashion.”

You closed down 2011 with the release of ‘Acting Crazy’, to many appraise. And now, to kick off 2012, you’ve released ‘Talking To Myself’ ft. DJ Rap. Was it a tough decision to pick the follow-up?
tyDi:”It wasn't really a hard choice at all – Myself and everyone at Armada agreed that 'Talking To Myself' was the strongest single for a radio release. It's a very 'clean' song with simple, tight and effective production, hopefully it catches on well with my fans.”

Any inside info we need to know about this jewel?
tyDi:”I wrote the song with DJ Rap (Charissa) who's a lovely girl, fantastic DJ and incredible vocalist from Los Angeles. I actually wrote the song with her over the internet, we'd never once spoken in person until three months after it was finished. The music video has some underlying stories that people may or may not pick up at first, it was a really fun video to make. We had 80 people working on the video over three days.”

Your gig-schedule is bursting with dates, from Canada to Thailand and the US to Australia. Which dates do you look forward to most?
tyDi:”Every show is an excitement for me... and I swear that's not me being diplomatic. I really do enjoy every DJ set whether it's for a stadium of 40,000 people or 500 in an intimate club setting. Music is my life and I can't wait for the weekends.”

What else will 2012 bring to the tyDi fans?
tyDi:”I've got a worldwide release of my very first Global Soundsystem mix compilation coming out this year, it'll be a two disc release titled 'Global Soundsystem: 2012 California'. There'll be a lot of touring for that album and of course I'm working on a bunch of new singles that I'm excited to play for people.”

Last but not least, what’s your personal goal for 2012? Any new year’s resolutions?

tyDi:”My goal is always the same, to produce better music, to challenge myself as a musician and to work as hard as I possibly can to create music that's both artistic and unique. In 2012 I'd like to play some charity shows, nonprofit events where the money raised goes to people who are not so fortunate as some of us.”

Get ‘Talking To Myself’ ft. DJ Rap on iTunes now.

‘Shooting Stars’ is available on iTunes or via

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