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tyDi is anything but vanilla

June 15, 2010
We took some minutes of tyDi’s precious time for a scoop of his delicious ‘Vanilla’.

Swirls of caramel-prog, deep dark chocolate pieces and a tasty strawberry-synth surprise. The new single of Australian DJ/producer Tyson Illingworth is anything but vanilla. His young mind has brought the EDM world some everlasting tracks, from his ‘Fool’ to ‘Russia’, ‘You Walk Away’ and ‘Good Dream’. He follows his own course, not afraid to step away from what people expect him to do. The direction he’s heading for is the top, and his pace is at breathtaking speed. We took some minutes of tyDi’s precious time for a scoop of his delicious ‘Vanilla’.

Hey Tyson! Last time we had a little chat was in February. How are you doing nowadays?
Tyson: “Hi Armada!! I’m great! Thanks for asking. Everything over here rocking, I’ve been touring the world, living at airports, partying with strangers, making new records and generally loving life… So absolutely no complaints here, that’s for sure!“

A few months back you released your ‘Good Dream’. How has the single been doing?
Tyson:”’Good Dream’ really rocked it for me, I was very surprised with the results from that little bass machine! Writing ‘Good Dream’ was actually a bit of a rebellious act towards myself after the release of ‘You Walk Away’… You see, everyone was asking for another big trance hit and I wasn’t enjoying being under the pressure of living up to a certain style. So I thought, screw it, why not smash out something that nobody will expect? That was ‘Good Dream’, and it turned out to be quite the good dream for me! Everyone played it, my fans seemed to love it and overall it ended up making a lot of festival party people’s nights that little more exciting. J “

These upcoming summer months, it’s full focus on ‘Vanilla’. How has the support been so far?
Tyson:“Well, what can I say? The support certainly hasn’t been ‘Vanilla’, it’s been outstanding!! A while ago I gave Armin a little sneak peak of ‘Vanilla’ and he decided to bang it out a few times on his ASOT show, that really got the ball rolling for ‘Vanilla’. Shortly after then the tune ended up on YouTube and was getting some seriously cool reactions. I’ve been playing ‘Vanilla’ all around the world, Jakarta, Malaysia, Miami, LA, Melbourne, Vancouver… the crowds have been going crazy to it. I’m really happy with ‘Vanilla’, it’s a tune that I’m very proud to have created.”

It’s a collaboration between you and vocalist Tania Zyga2r. How did you find out about her?
Tyson:”I was going through promos one day and I came across a song that Tania had made, called ‘Take Hold Of Me’. I remembered that her vocals had something special that stood out for me so I ended up playing the song on my Global Soundsystem radio show. About a week after that I got a Facebook message from Tania saying “thanks for supporting my tune”. At that stage I had a prototype version of ’Vanilla’ that I was working on and thought ‘hmmm…. Let’s see what Tania can do with it’. So I sent the tune to Tania and she agreed to sing for me, we sent some ideas back and forwards and eventually we had it! VANILLA! Tania did a great job with the chorus melody, very powerful.”

What’s the story and thought behind the whole track?
Tyson: ‘Vanilla’ is a new term for someone or something that is just plain average, boring, stale.. Whatever.. just something that is OK but not perfect. Have you ever gone to an ice cream store and asked for one scoop of Vanilla ice cream?.. NO!... Why? Because it’s BORING. There are way better flavors than Vanilla (like chocolate, or cookies and cream). Obviously if there was no other options then Vanilla would still be acceptable, but it’s not as good as it could be. So I guess Vanilla is the term for the ‘safe option’. Tania describes it as someone who is comfortable to be around but doesn’t offer complete satisfaction. I guess the term Vanilla could also be used for fashion, clothing items that are overdone or not original. Like ‘that shirt is so Vanilla’… Or, I like that melody but it’s pretty Vanilla.. Anyway you get the point! I think in this song it’s more suited to relationships, maybe a partner who is boring you. Anyway, I’ll leave it for you to interpret!”

Are there any other names, be it producers or vocalist, you’d like to work with in the future?
Tyson:“Yep, I’d like to work with Bert McCracken from a band called ‘The Used’. If I could get him to sing over one of my records I could die happy. My second pick would be Imogen Heap or maybe the Canadian vocalist ‘Lights’.”

You’re the number one Australian DJ for two years already, you’ve entered the DJ Mag Top 100 and your debut-album has just been received. What’s next on your To Do-list?
Tyson: “It’s all about my new artist album. ;) “

Yes, you’re working on a new album right now. In what way is it going to be different from ‘Look Closer’?
Tyson: “Forget ‘Look Closer’, this new album is going to be something from another world! I’ve put my heart and soul into it, it’s a whole new start for me. ‘Look Closer’ was and still is something very special to me, it told a story for a particular part of my life. The new album is a new chapter of my musical life and it’s got a lot more character to it. The new album is dark, powerful, colorful, cutting edge, honest, raw and it cuts through anything. It’s a multi-layered journey of feelings and sounds that covers several genres. Yep, I’ve set the bar high this time.”

Can you give away some secrets about it yet?
Tyson:“The new album is a really strong collection of all my ideas lately, it has a quite a dark and sexy attitude that runs through the whole record. There are more songs with vocals from Tania Zygar (from ‘Vanilla’), Audrey Gallagher and many more. I’ve recorded long orchestral sections with a live string quartet, there’s loads of acoustic guitar and one of the songs has a lullaby type piece that I played on a piano myself. Some of the songs are significantly shorter, 4 minute tracks that get straight to the heart what the song is about. In many of the songs I’ve leant to towards a more ‘verse, chorus, verse chorus’ structure but there are still some longer more hypnotic tunes as well. “

The new Sony DJ Poll is coming up. Do you think you’ll do a hat-trick?
Tyson:“Haha I don’t know, I’ve been spending a lot of time overseas this year but who knows what can happen. I think there are plenty of other deserving artists from Australia who deserve the award.”

Concerning the DJ Mag voting, it’s quite essential to get the European clubbers to vote. Will you be seeing them for some gigs this year?
Tyson:“Yep I am playing in Europe and the UK this year, I can’t wait for it! October I think…”

The summer of 2010 is knocking on your door. What have you got to say to it? J
Tyson:”Hello Summer, my name is tyDi, I’ve got lots of new tunes fresh from the studio… I hope you’re ready for it!”

'Vanilla' will be out on AVA Recordings soon, including remixes by Ben Gold and Space Rockerz. For more info about tyDi, check .

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