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tyDi feat. Tania Zygar – Why Do I Care? music video

July 25, 2011
The third single taken from tyDi's promising second album 'Shooting Stars' has landed!

The third single taken from tyDi's promising second album 'Shooting Stars' has landed!

The countdown has begun. With less than a month to go before his second artist album sees the light of day, the rising star of tyDi shines brighter than ever. Two years of songwriting, arranging, producing and finding the right balance between what trembles the clubs and moves you on the inside, come together in the 18 track quest of 'Shooting Stars'. After 'Vanilla' and 'Never Go Back', tyDi reveals the third single taken from the album, the melancholic and melodic 'Why Do I Care?'.

Canadian vocalist Tania Zygar, impressing audiences since 'Vanilla', returns on this fusion of pop, progressive and trance. 'Why Do I Care?' is another rich, layered tune that unfolds to a musical gem of silky vocals, soothing synths and rough edges. Getting stuck in your head right after first play, 'Why Do I Care?' is a track that works both in and outside the clubs.

On the remix, Estonian producer Rene Pais unveils his new Clashback moniker. With an energetic and trancy remix that accentuates the bass guitar, he delivers an anthem that'll surely please the clubbers. North Irish producers Walsh & McAuley head down the dark depths of prog-trance, and strip down 'Why Do I Care?' to a wonderful track of sweeping strings, piano and heart-throbbing bass.

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Why Do I Care? (Radio Mix) (03:13)
Why Do I Care? (Clashback Remix) (06:03)
Why Do I Care? (Walsh & McAuley Mix) (06:44)
Why Do I Care? (Clashback Dub Mix) (06:03)
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