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Twitter your favourite Armada YouTube video and win an album pack!

March 16, 2010
Twitters, twats and twhatevers, may we have your twittention, please? You now have the chance to win an Armada album pack!

The Armada Music Twitter community is growing every day, but we’re not even close to the amount of followers we want to tweet about our releases, artists and events. So twitters, twats and twhatevers, may we have your twittention, please?

It’s time for you to follow us, and get in touch with @armada. How? Feel free to retweet us anytime! Besides the everyday tweets, we’ve not also set up a special video competition. If you want to win an Armada album package, including ‘Armada - The Music Videos’, ‘Markus Schulz – Las Vegas ‘10’ and ‘The Miami Soundtrack 2010’, then follow these instructions:

Go to the official Armada Music YouTube channel, check our music videos and pick your favourite. Copy the link of the video in your Tweet and add @armada and #favouritearmadavideo to your message.

After that, it’s just a matter of waiting and enjoying our tweets and updates! So get on Twitter, check the Armada Music Twitter page, follow us and enter the favourite video competition!

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