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Trance Essentials 2014 vol.1 [out now]

June 06, 2014

The perfect essential compilation has to be a continuum -- covering the ground between old and new, bridging the gap between timeless and bleeding edge. ‘Trance Essentials 2014’ is a double dose of the absolute must-have tunes of the moment, including reworks of some of the great classics of our time. Legendary artists have made their mark on this impressive tracklist, and rising stars find themselves well represented.  These are the most effective, sought after tunes of the moment.

Straight from Paul Oakenfold’s upcoming ‘Trance Mission’ album, the unforgettable classics ‘Toca Me’ and ‘Café Del Mar’ have gotten  a major facelift and will turn heads everywhere they’re played.  Future global kingpin Andrew Rayel has not one but two tracks on the compilation, including the massive ‘Eiforya’ with trance legend Armin van Buuren.  The two throwback tracks ‘Must Be The Love’ from Arty and BT featuring the amazing Nadia Ali and Jurgen Vries’ ‘The Theme’ set the level of quality by which to measure the rest of this album.

New club stormers from Dash Berlin & Rigby, Gaia, and a Johan Malmgren remix of Aruna’s ‘Start a Fire’ keep the future of trance music burning brightly.  An extensive collection of fresh new remixes (including a spellbinding remix of Paul van Dyk’s ‘Crush’ from Las Salinas), ‘Trance Essentials 2014’ is an irreplaceable part of any true fan’s collection.

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