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Tom Fall - iROK

June 05, 2012

For those into the booming bass and the rock-hard kicks, Armada Music launched Trice Recordings. Kicking off the label, and completely in style, is Tom Fall's 'iROK'!

A prime example of big-room, that's exactly what 'iROK' is! The Finnish producer and mastermind behind it, Tom Fall, is one of today's fastest rising names in the prog-house and prog-trance scene.

Following the success of tunes 'All This Time', 'Untouchable', 'Ordinary World' and Ben Nicky collab 'Hammer', he brings in a new tune for mass dance floor destruction.

'iROK' shows exactly how eclectic the sound of Tom Fall really is. Its hammering beats, whirring electro vibes, a hint of acid and the strong melody to back it all up, make 'iROK' the perfect tune to give sound to the launch of Trice Recordings, the label that's about to blow your mind.

Keplar quality