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Three N' One & Nay Ray feat. Cosmo Klein - Time To Feel Good

May 31, 2012

Mixing the old school feel with today's sturdy club beat, is exactly what Three N' One & Nay Ray serve you on their collab! Enjoy the warm, summer-spirited atmosphere and feel-good vibes of 'Time To Feel Good' feat. Cosmo Klein!

Following their redo's of golden oldies like 'Reflect' and 'G-Park Moniker', the German project is now back to let you know that good times await you!

'Time To Feel Good' has all the right ingredients: pumpy and deep, energetic but endearing and brightened with the poppy lyrics by Cosmo Klein.

If you're looking for quality house music that can rock you at any time of day and night, you've found your anthem!

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