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November 24, 2008

The New World
Markus Schulz

Mister 'Progression' is back with a new cracker. 'The New World' is the atmospheric trancer that is set to take off a new phase in Markus Schulz' musical career. With the success of his 'Progression' album still fresh in memory, it's time to shake the crowd with a new type of sound. One that fits the arena's, clubs and hallways of this world.

'The New World' is a stunning trancer that'll manage to send you sky high and destroy the dance floor with its deep, trembling beat and epic melody. This one has definite impact. And that was exactly what Markus had in mind while producing it. Markus: This November I am playing at my third Transmission event in Prague, Czech Republic. The organizers of the event asked me to compose a special theme for the night. When you play in the big arenas, you need a special type of track in your set to work exclusively for that type of setting. This is why 'The New World' is slightly more techy and upfront. I get inspired seeing wave upon wave of people in these arena's, the sheer volume of the crowd can take your breath away sometimes. So you need to make something that really strikes home with everyone in the arena, whether they are right up at the front or back. But I feel that the track still has my trademark groove and melody.'

'The New World' comes with an original mix and a slightly more progressive, darker and rough edged Coldharbour remix. 'The New World' welcomes you to Markus Schulz' sound.

  1. The New World (Intro)
  2. The New World (Original Mix)
  3. The New World (Coldharbour Mix)

Satori Waterfalls / Faith

If you're looking for some inner peace, Ohmna might just be the type of music you need along the way. Johan Cyber, the guy behind the temping beats and symphonies for the soul of Ohmna, is back with two new beauties. Having his focus on feeling and the realness of music, sure explains the dreamy titles and sounds Ohmna uses. 'Satori Waterfalls' and 'Faith' both apply to that specific sound, with characteristic use of piano, lush vocals and a laidback beat. If a deep progressive sound gets your liking, 'Faith' will surely blow you away. 'Satori Waterfalls' has a more uplifting sound, with some serious addictive vocal effects.

Armin van Buuren: Great EP, featured on my mix compilation A State of Trance 2008
Roger Shah: amazing, what an atmosphere
Markus Schulz: supporting Satori Waterfalls!
Heatbeat: Ohmna - Sartori Waterfalls 9/10 !! Love it Great Atmosphere
Ernesto vs. Bastian: massive tune 4 me. support!

  1. Satori Waterfalls (Original Mix)
  2. Faith (Original Mix)
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