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November 18, 2008

RewireRobert Nickson & Daniel KandiDownload
Wire up two of the most favoured trance producers of today and you'll have a guaranteed beauty of a result once they leave the studio . 'Rewire' is the result of the second team-up of Robert Nickson and Daniel Kandi, both praised for their true trance sound. 'Liberate' was their first track, and received a very warm welcome to the scene. Same thing is about to happen to 'Rewire'. Euphoric times are on their way, as soon as you press the play button on this one. 'Rewire' has a strong and steady build-up, leading to a powerful, all-hands-in-the-air type of break that'll sweep every trance lover off their feet. On the remix duty we've got Canadian producer Mateo Murphy, who turned the song into a cheeky, minimalistic yet techy track, ready to take over the dancefloor.

1. Rewire (Original Mix)2. Rewire (Original Edit)3. Rewire (Mateo Murphy Remix)4. Rewire (Avenger Remix)5. Rewire (Scott Richardson Remix)

Powerbabe Fei-Fei is back! After her memorable 'Never Forget' track, released on the Club Elite label, she's now refreshing your memory with 'Ender'. Fei-Fei is ready to rumble and hits back with a powerful, rough-edged tech-trancer, which perfectly fits the label. 'Ender' shows just how tough this girl is, as it resounds through your mind and soul and leaves an everlasting impression. Tech-trance giant DJ Preach supplies a groovier and sexier interpretation of the tune, guaranteed to shake the room! Unlike its title might tell you, 'Ender' is going to last and last.
1. Ender (Original Mix) 2. Ender (DJ Preach Remix)

BaliAvgeny BardyuzhaDownload
Evgeny Bardyuzha. It's a name you might find hard to pronounce. But in the world of music, there's always sounds to communicate. This time, young Russian producer/DJ Evgeny Bardyuzha is translating his talent through 'Bali', a deep and proggy track with strong details and effects. 'Bali' is a perfect match to the Coldharbour Red imprint.
Evgeny has always been dreaming about composing music. At the age of 16 the first steps of realization were formed with the help of computer sequencers. At the age of 18 he released his first record and eversince he's been progressing his production skills and formed his own distinctive sound: melodic, filled, detailed and profound. 'Bali' is the perfect example of this.
1. Bali (Original Mix)2. Bali (Arnej Mix)3. Bali (Radio Edit)

BratislavaSergei ShkuroffDownload
Finnish DJ/Producer Sergei Shkuroff has made his way up from small underground basement raves to the biggest clubs in Finland, the UK and several other European countries. His last production 'Sonar' gained massive support from the scene, but we're pretty sure the best is yet to come.
'Bratislava' is about to take care of that. A deep and groovy progressive melody, led by a steady base and a toying piano, causing a major impact in the break. 'Bratislava' will fit any set, being a fusion of proghouse and trancy house. You'll love it!
1. Bratislava (Original Mix)2. Bratislava (Anton Sonin and Amx Remix)3. Bratislava (Ville Lope Remix)

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